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Who We Are

Creativity, experience, heart, connection, initiative, innovation, passion, talent and the list goes on and on...

Every successful business must have investment and risk

ADNIUS Marketing & Design —

It began in 2015, it was not intended to be a business at first, it was more a “di it yourself” necessity. Since 2002, the founder Jhoger Guerrero has been getting involved with Graphic and Web Design, as well as marketing.

In 2015, ADNIUS Marketing & Design begins operations in Venezuela. After having creating a few projects for friends. Step by step ADNIUS started to get clients by recommendation,  E-mail Marketing and Telemarketing, offering everything we offer nowadays, every time adopting new tendencies, tools, and ways to perform branding and marketing.

Currently ADNIUS Marketing & Design has broaden with work in countries like Colombia, Chile, Estados Unidos, España, Italia and focusing on providing services globally. ADNIUS Marketing & Design team is made up firstly of its founder Jhoger Guerrero in alliance with a selected group of freelancers:  developers, designers and marketers. ADNIUS strongly believes in this new freedom era, remote work, no schedules, no locations, among other things and until this day it has worked out very well.

ADNIUS Marketing & Design is a community at the service of digital marketing, we help small and medium companies to achieve their goals. It is our mission.

“All you need in LOVE”

John Lennon

What’s included in all our services?


It is the main focus of our company. It’s our way of standing out from the rest. Creativity is intelligence having fun.


In this technologically changing world, we know how to adapt fast. We develop strategies that go beyond the project, we educate.


We get involved with the projects in such a way that we feel it as ours. We propose ideas in order to get the most suitable one and reach a final work that makes us feel proud


We create an almost personal relationship with our clients, we invite them to go beyond the professional aspect and form a vision of the objective to work on and achieve


Important point of our philosophy: we propose ideas, tools, solutions, campaigns to achieve the objectives, taking into account the budget of each client


We always try to be updated with the changes, last tendencies, new tools in digital marketing, etc. We look for practicality and its results. We believe there is always a way.


It’s our driving power. We need to feel passion for every job and every project. That’s why the connection we build with our customers is so important


That extra skill only God gives, we make sure that this important element is always there for us, talent can sometimes surpass academics


Show our clients that it was the right decision to have chosen us. We establish delivery dates and even schedules if required

Effectiveness and efficiency

We care about our customers’ budget. We implement strategy that generates good results at the lowest possible cost. We take advantage of what technology can offer


We work together with the client, it is one of our strengths. We create a very friendly and frequent communication about the progress of the project

Custom Service

We do not use predetermined templates, unless required to lower costs. All our works are 100% customized, unique designs. The client participates in the whole process

Customer Service and Support

Because of our global approach, our customer service is a priority. We use Skype, WhatsApp, emails to make our customers can reach us at all times


We take advantage of our conditions to offer the best prices in the market in terms of the quality of our work. We’re always below in costs from our closest competition


We have fun working because we love what we do. Create, share, teach, learn, generate good results and above all, our customers’ satisfaction

Global attention

We serve in two languages (fluent English and native Spanish), wherever you are regardless of the schedule we can work and coordinate the meetings you need


Let’s talk to show you what we can do for you project or business
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+58 424 248 0440

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San Francisco Avenue

with Mara street,

Centro Comercial

Macaracuay Plaza,

C2 Level, 19h Office.

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This post is also available in: Español

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